Char Coir BioPots, 3L

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Made from 100% organic coconut fiber! Char Coir BioPot is the best choice for large-scale commercial growers that want healthy, happier plants. Sourced from one farm in India to ensure consistency and top quality. The 3L size (1/2 gallon) is designed to veg and flower plants in the same container and comes wrapped in a fabric exterior, with compressed coconut fiber inside.

• Triple washed to remove salts
• Free of pathogens
• High cation exchange capacity to optimize nutrient uptake
• Very low EC (less than 0.6)
• Stabilized for proper pH (6.0 – 6.5)

Available in THREE sizes:
– 4 Inch, Case of 128 (vegetative stage)
– 3 Liter, Case of 24 (vegetative and flowering stages)
– 8 Liter, Case of 10 (flower stage)

Grower’s Tip:
Keep growing media moist but not saturated. Do NOT allow the media to dry out between waterings.

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