Traditional & Squat Injection-Molded Plastic Nursery Containers

These injection molded nursery containers are both strong and economical. The heavy duty wrap-around rims are easy to handle and sturdy enough to pick up the heavier plant material. Superior drainage is engineered into both side and bottom hole designs

Squat containers with their wide base dimension are ideal for shallow rooted plants by producing a better root ball. They also help to conserve water by capturing more during watering. Great for stacking and even greater for windy conditions.

Pressure-Formed Containers

1. Plant Appearance

Consumer purchases are based overwhelmingly on plant appearance. The bottom-drain design employed by Pro Cal encourages more effective irrigation, a healthier root structure

2. Container Appearance

Pressure forming means brighter, cleaner colors, including green, gray, terra cotta and standard black. Every pot has the same smooth fi nish, free of excess trim material and blemishes.

3. Container Strength

The right amount of material always goes to those critical areas; the container lip and the bottom corners. Stronger containers mean plants arrive at the retail nursery in better condition.

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