Plants Need Light For Healthy Growth

Greenhouses require the correct light source. This results in optimal conditions for the photosynthesis of different plants throughout the year. AUVL’s horticulture lamps emit the right spectrum. They are highly efficient, sturdy, and durable, and provide faster and better plant growth. We are happy to assist you with the best features of your or your customers‘ greenhouses.

Uvc Lighting For Water And Air Disinfection

UVC light radiation is used for various applications both in water and air treatment due to the germicidal properties, UV is also used mainly in disinfection applications that reduce the use of chemicals in the processing. UV radiation is used as an alternative to chemical treatments and UV radiation will also remove organic and inorganic chemicals. UVC radiation has the ability to break bacteria of DNA, viruses and spores, therefore they remain harmless.



Most of AUVL’s Grow Green lamps are developed and produced at our manufacturing site in Berlin. The portfolio of our high-pressure discharge lamps is for the horticulture market up to tailor-made developments for special applications. Our production site in Berlin is also specialized on AUVL UVC Lamps.


Other AUVL products like lamps for curing or analysis of materials are developed and manufactured at our second production site in Brand-Erbisdorf near Dresden, Germany. All AUVL products have been tested and passed through our quality assurance process in order to guarantee consistently high quality.


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