ARC CMH Lighting System w/Lamp (4200K)

The ARC CMH 315W system is a complete, low-profile 315W ceramic metal halide lighting system designed for commercial growers needs.

About Product

It features massive thermal heat distribution fins on the ballast compartment to allow the internal electronic components to operate at optimal temperature range, ensuring long ballast life.

Product Highlight

The replaceable reflector was specifically designed to distribute the CMH lamp’s PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) in a rectangular, traditional spread, yielding very high delivered µmol/s when positioned closer to the canopy and a wider distribution of plant-usable energy when raised higher.


Available Size

ARC CMH Lighting System w/Lamp (4200K) are available in the following sizes:

208 – 240 V

277 V

480 V

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