Total Grow Control

Eden LT Environmental Control System

Meet Eden LT, the larger sibling of Eden C.  Eden LT boasts a larger Nutrient Delivery Tank, additional nutrients, and 10 irrigation zones.  Eden LT is still small yet precise, inexpensive and intelligent.

Skid Mounted 110V Plug-and-Play

Touchscreen and Mobile Interface

Facilities with up to 4 Rooms

Fits Through Standard 60” Doorway

Batch System

Up to 10 Nutrient Zones

Eden LT - Total Grow Control

Not only is it a nutrient delivery system, but it also provides environmental control without the need of any addition controllers. Eden LT’s proprietary control system is sleek and simple as it does not require complicated programming.

Simply plug the system in and use the intuitive touchscreen interface to create your nutrient recipe and let Eden LT begin controlling nutrient delivery to your plants. 

Eden LT will also precisely control HVAC, dehumidifiers, CO2 injection, and lighting for up to four grow spaces with ease, that’s 2 more than Eden C.  Rest easy knowing that you can monitor Eden LT from your phone, tablet, or computer while you’re away. 

Eden LT installs with ease fitting through standard single doors, plugs into a nearby 120V outlet, pre wired environmental sensors, and has standard 1” NPT plumbing connections.

Technical Specs

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