Olivia's Solution

Seal The Deal On Healthy Plants With This First-Rate Cloning Gel

The Olivia’s Cloning Solution™

The Olivia’s Cloning Solution™ was the first ever liquid that combined both a natural and safe root stimulator and nutrients in a safe, easy to use liquid for growers. A small amount of NPK provided just what new cuttings were looking for – root stimulation and nutrient growth.

It was an industry-first, and a safe, non-toxic liquid and gel that could be used with all plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Olivia's Cloning Solution™

Olivia's Cloning Gel™

Proud to deliver our high-quality solution

Olivia’s Solutions Inc. is a small family owned business that operates out of Northern California. We are proud to deliver our high-quality cloning solution and gel products to businesses, to families, to friends, and to people like you. Whether you have a green thumb or a grey thumb, Olivia’s Solutions is the best plant cloning solution on the market to make your plants truly flourish.

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