Anden Industrial Dehumidifier, 710 Pints/Day, 208-240v

The Anden DHA710V1 is indoor agriculture’s first ever variable speed dehumidifier designed from the ground up for indoor cultivation.

About Product

The innovative A710 with patent pending VLGR technology (Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant), was designed exclusively for GROW. It is the best investment across all grow conditions compared to any dehumidifier available, delivering maximum moisture removal capacity. Anden units offer the highest value in terms of dollars per pint of moisture.

The Most Water of Your Dollar

The Anden A710 offers the highest value on the market in terms of dollars per pint of moisture removed.

Designed for Grow. Tuned for Max VPD.

The Anden A710 gives you tight control over VPD across grow conditions and unlocks the ability to control terpene production, enhance color profiles, and increase THC levels.

Why Choose This Product?

Delivers the smoothest environmental control and strongest VPD performance by utilizing a proprietary variable speed refrigeration system.

From a $/pint perspective, the Anden 710 with VLGR delivers the best return on investment when compared to competitive dehumidifiers.

Allows the Anden 710 to maximize water removal while utilizing fewer amps. The 710 pulls 200 more pints per day on a 30 amp circuit than any other unit on the market.

What are You Waiting For?

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