Phat Filters are professional grade carbon filters that can eliminate all odors from your grow room or greenhouse.


Remove nasty odors with the
tested-best carbon filter—Phat Filters.


Move air easily with premier performance Phat fans.


Silence fan noise with
Phat Mufflers.

Virgin Activated Carbon

Virgin: Never been used before.
Activated: Carbon is activated by steam or high temperatures; the objective is to knock ash from the pores of the carbon.

Some manufacturers claim double/triple activation; this does NOT increase the capacity to retain odor, in fact it lessens it. Multiple activation decreases the weight of the carbon by breaking internal fissures, this process in turn decreases the carbons ability to filter air.

The numbers don’t lie! Phat filters are packed with the very best carbon on the market, and we have the independent lab test numbers to prove

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