PRO-MIX BX, 3.8 cu ft

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Commercial growers can expect uniform and predictable plant growth with PRO-MIX BX. This very popular, general purpose growing medium offers the perfect balance between nutrient retention and proper drainage. Ideal for greenhouse use and transplanting applications. Includes mycorrhizae for increased root mass, flower production, plant size and yield.

• High water-holding capacity
• Light-weight, low bulk‑density
• Chock-full of beneficial mycorrhizae
• Vermiculite improves nutrient retention
• Answers the needs of most growing applications

Available in a 3.8 cubic foot bale.

Sphagnum peat moss (75-85%), perlite, vermiculite, dolomitic and calcitic limestone (for pH adjustment), wetting agent and mycorrhizae – endomycorrhizal fungi (Glomus intraradices).

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