Can A Wipes

Cut right through gardening resins stuck to your manicuring tools! Destroy coffee and red wine stains! Remove caulking, permanent marker and grease from tools.

Can-A-Wipes are the best friend of anyone with a dirty job. Whether you’re trimming, painting, fishing, farming, plumbing, or working on cars, Can-A-Wipes get you out of any sticky situation.

An Entire Clean-up Crew In One Wipe

Can-A-Wipes were originally created for the indoor gardening industry as a waterless hand and manicuring tool cleanser within a heavy-duty cleaning towelette. The special formula has dissolving agents for grease and grime that quickly dries after use. The result is clean and protected hands, nourished with four skin conditioners, including aloe and vitamin E.

Why Choose Us?

Use Can-A-Wipes to remove resin and other sticky residue from your fingers, hands, tools, clothes pipes and other surfaces. If you have problems with the smell of tobacco or cannabis in your grow room, car or home use Can-A-Wipes to wipe any surface that has come in contact with the smell.

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Mechanics Love 'em

But there comes a time in which you need to clean off the tar and get back to society. A large tub of 120 Can-A-Wipes is the perfect choice for cleaning chains, gas tank, seat, pedals, lights, handles and everything else.
Can-A-Wipes are free from aggressive chemicals and are soft on vinyl and leather so you won’t hurt your bike.

Odor Free Fishing

Keep a can of Can-A-Wipes in your fishing box or car so you can remove that pesky fish smell from fingers, lures and clothes.

The practical 120 pack (or tub as we call it) is great to keep in your boat or next to your fishing box. It offers you easy access to your cleaning wipes and requires no additional liquid or napkin. Just wipe and go!

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