Biobizz Root-Juice, 200 L

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Root·Juice natural ingredients are a harmonious balance of premium nutrients and humic acids with seaweed. This product was formulated for promoting vigorous root growth and biological life in the radicular system, producing explosive growth and yields. It is ideal for hydroponic dirt crops and in coconut substrate because it strengthens crops, making them more resilient.

Root·Juice is made entirely from vegetable ingredients and is designed for natural gardening.  Use Root·Juice in hydroponic systems, peat, and coco mixes. A healthy root system can strengthen your crop’s resilience to environmental stresses, especially in the early stages of the growth.


  • Stimulates biological life in the soil that surrounds the root system
  • Contains humic acids which may increase micronutrient uptake
  • Provides higher resistance to high EC values

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