Vegamatrix Boost, 55 gal

Designed to augment the needs of additional Calcium and Magnesium

Product Highlight

Our Veganic proprietary blend of Calcium, magnesium, and plant based ingredients including Kelp, soybean, willow and yucca extracts have been meticulously studied and refined. This has been done to insure that our very special blend of this super Cal-Mag Boost, is totally Veganic, highly effective and easily metabolized.

NPK 3 Keys to Your Success

These 3 nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Vegamatrix Boost ensures that these key nutrients are delivered to your plant in a special way that makes them easily metabolized for absolute absorption. When NPK is at its peak delivery you will experience faster growing plants, larger flowers and greater yields!

What are You Waiting For?

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