Trellis for Grow Tents from 5’x5′ to 2’x2′

This modular trellis design can be used in grow tents from 25″ x 25″ (2′ x 2′) to 60″ x 60″ (5′ x 5′). Made from soft elastic rubber netting, it has 64 six-inch square mesh openings that will gently yet firmly maintain your plants in proper upright position as they become heavy through the flowering process. It includes four hooks that will secure it to the support rods in your tent.



FLP/FLT Replacement Ballast, 120V

FLP/FLT Replacement Ballast, 120V.
FMWH7120L is used for (4) 4′ bulbs (one ballast on the FLP44/FLP46/FLT44/FLT46 and two on the FLP48/FLT48).

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