South Cascade Organics

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Our History

When we first started out on this adventure with SLF-100, we were managing an organic vegetable farm. The family all worked together through each stage of the farming process: planting, weeding, harvesting and selling at our local Grower’s Market. Therefore it was a natural transition to incorporate that family atmosphere and teamwork into our up-and-coming business venture, South Cascade Organics.

The business was birthed in our dining room, so the children were very immersed in it from the get-go.

observing the daily process

Since they have been mostly homeschooled, there has been more flexibility as far as them helping out and observing the daily process. We are a family first, and thus dedicated to building a strong family atmosphere both in our warehouse and with our customers. Passing down our beliefs, our ethic and our convictions is what creates a legacy for the next generation.

Our Products

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