Dyna-Gro K-L-N, 8 oz

SKU DYKLN008 Category UPC 080359120086 (UPC-A)
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Attention: Dyna-Gro labels are being rebranded as SuperTHRIVE. During this transitional period, you may receive products with labels branded as either Dyna-Gro or SuperTHRIVE. The formulas, ingredients, and dosage rates are the same on both labels.  Only the branding has changed.

K-L-N Concentrate contains rooting hormones IBA and NAA. Promotes root growth in trees, foliage, and flowering plants. For propagating cuttings, air layering, and transplanting drench for bare-root stock, and newly potted plants. Use as a drench, dip, or mist.

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