PHOTOBIO•T represents the apex of LED Top lights. PHOTOBIO•T can be applied indoors or greenhouse as a direct 600W HID alternative or retrofit.

About Product

Regulating Optics ensure the most efficient delivery of plant biologically active radiation (PBAR) to the plant canopy. PHOTO•LOC Light Output Control allows precise control over the photons that are delivered to the plant canopy when used in conjunction with a 0–10V controller.

Product Highlight

In greenhouse facilities, PHOTOBIO delivers consistent optimal PPFD levels throughout the day while saving energy. Just pair PHOTO•LOC with an environmental control system that utilizes a quantum sensor to measure light entering the greenhouse and automatically regulate light output in real time.


The specific power cable is sold separately based upon your requirements. Both S1 and S4 spectrums are available in 100V through 480V configurations.


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