Our Phantom brand of ballasts and reflectors represents the very best available in indoor horticultural lighting equipment.

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Offering the Latest Lighting and LED Tech in Horticulture

At Phantom, we specialize in bringing life through light. We have been designing and manufacturing horticulture lighting for over 40 years. Our lighting solutions offer the latest technology, are energy efficient, cost effective, and help growers reach their full production potential. Phantom’s mission is to continually offer the best lighting products to our customers and grow together.
Phantom LED and Phantom PHOTOBIO LED are designed with the latest technology for the serious horticultural professional looking to increase business sustainability by reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving crop performance and yield.
Combine performance and efficiency with uncompromising reliability. Ceramic Metal Halide systems emit ultra violet (UV) light and provide a well balanced spectrum optimal for crop health and visual inspection.
Phantom DE systems and reflectors represent the very best available in indoor horticultural lighting equipment. Catering to commercial growers, Phantom DE lighting systems feature the winning combination of Phantom ballasts, reflectors and lamps.

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