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The oxyCLONE is powered by Hydrofarm’s premium water and air pumps, delivering consistent turbulence and oxygen. This is the heart of our system. Each submersible water pump has a Venturi feature to generate air bubbles. Active Aqua air pumps and air stones generate even more bubbles, and the air regulator knob can be used to adjust output. No other cloner delivers dissolved oxygen like the oxyCLONE.

Secret of Success Stories

The oxyCLONE is for professionals, hobbyists, and anyone in between. Cloning gels and solutions are optional and may enhance results. Most of our clients use only municipal tap water. Other users have reported excellent results with bottled spring water. Distilled water and reverse osmosis water should be avoided in this system.

The secret to oxyCLONE’s success is our super-oxygenated, recirculating, turbulent water. Keeping your water as oxygenated as possible is critical to success. With high levels of aeration, the oxyCLONE can succeed in environments where aeroponic cloners fail.

It may take some practice to achieve 100% success rates, but the oxyCLONE makes it easy!

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