For large to small projects, for complex or simple fixes – find the right product for your purpose.

Construction Adhesives
Ideal for large to medium surfaces providing fast initial tack and the ability to fill gaps in interior and exterior applications
Polyurethane Foam
Insulating spray foams will fill gaps and cracks to help seal out air and moisture
Various technologies for a wide range of projects and applications.
Ideal for durable repairs and gap filling

Fix Stuff

Fixing stuff can take time and whether you enjoy it or it is a chore, we want to make your life easier. Check out these great products and helpful hints!
Construction Adhesives
Repairs to your favorite pair of shoes are easy with the right Loctite® adhesive.
Repairing a broken corner on concrete steps
Holes, pop-outs and larger cracks, can be repaired using Loctite® Metal and Concrete Epoxy.
Repairing a figurine
For repairing cherished heirlooms, use Loctite® Ultra Gel™ Super Glue.

Our Products

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