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Our original product line that started it all use what the pros use, grow quality product at a low price, hear what the industry is raving about

About Growth Science

When Growth Science® began, we wanted to provide a product that was scientifically designed to optimize plant growth at all stages of development, at a reasonable cost. For too long, plant nutrient company’s have broken their products into multiple products, thinking only about the success of their company, not caring for the most important element of their success… the grower!

About Growth Science

With a history and passion for growing, Growth Science® developed our original line to provide the essential elements for plants in the most direct and cost efficient way possible, to maximize outputs with the perfect inputs.

With the introduction of our Growth Science® Organics line, we are committing to providing a professional product for growth, both for plants and for growers. In a saturated market, it is important to make your brand stand out. With Growth Science®, we believe you will see the difference.

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