The History

Humboldt County’s Own, was not created to peddle nutrients. There were no investors, no business plans, no marketing strategy. Just Phil and Gail playing with plants in a tractor shed back in the 90’s. It was all about having fun reading patents and plant science journals looking for cutting edge ideas and growing what had never been grown before.
Our “concoctions” were just for us and, later, for our “family” of friends out Highway 36 in Humboldt County. In 2002 we opened up Eel River Hydroponics in Fortuna and started giving out free samples of our “stuff” to customers. It was our way of drawing customers to the store.

Why We’re Unique

We’re not part of the industry. We’re growers. We came “out of the hills” and feel a kinship with other growers. Our concoctions were made for FUN, for us and our friends, mostly to see what would happen! We would experiment and give out samples to our testers out in the hills. If experienced Humboldt County growers liked one of our concoctions enough to want to buy it, then we would make it.

We Don’t Tell You What To Buy, You Tell Us What To Sell

Our Products

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