Cutting Edge Solutions Bloom

CES BLOOM is the second component of the base three part blooming formula, to be used in conjunction with the MICRO

About Product

Bloom 0-6-5™, along with Grow 2-1-6 and Micro 6-0-0, is one of three components of Cutting Edge Solution’s 3-Part Base Family system.

Bloom is used for the majority of the flowering stage of life, as well as small amounts in the vegetative stage.

Product Highlight

Bloom’s phosphorus heavy make up is great for enhancing flower production and encouraging the plant to shift it’s hormonal signals from vegetative to flower. Bloom also contains potassium, sulfur, and magnesium to satisfy the plant’s needs during the flowering stage.

How to Use

Shake well and measure carefully using a millilitre measuring cup

If using CES Micro 6-0-0™, add Micro 6-0-0™ first to water, then other nutrients.

adjust pH to 4.5-6.5.

After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust pH to 4.5-6.5.

Monitor ppm and EC

Monitor ppm and EC in reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed.

Check Temperature

Reservoir temperature should be 60-68 degrees F.

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