Buffering Process and Quality Standards

Washing and buffering are different processes that accomplish different goals. While washing removes only elements that are soluble in water, buffering also removes elements which are naturally bound to the cation exchange complex.

Why Buffering Matters

Buffering is especially important for growers who want to apply calcium and magnesium to their crops and/or growers who recirculate their drainage water. It provides more control over the amount of calcium provided to the crop and prevents excessive accumulation of salts if not draining to waste.

During the buffering process

Char Coir’s coco cation exchange complex is saturated with a solution of calcium nitrate for an extended period. The absorbed calcium displaces the residual potassium and sodium in the complex, which is washed away. According to Dutch RHP certification standards for coco substrates, buffered coco coir should contain less than 1 mmol sodium and less than 2 mmol potassium.

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