Char Coir BioPot

Char Coir is making things a lot easier with the BioPots. Premium lab-tested coco coir has been compressed and packaged in a non-woven paper wrapper.

About Char Coir BioPot

The Char Coir 4″ BioPot is designed for the vegetative stage and is equivalent to a 16 oz. cup of substrate minus the plastic cup. No external container is needed. The BioPot is wrapped in a fabric exterior, with compressed coco coir inside. This is one of these easiest ways to use our high quality substrate for your growing needs.

Available Packaging

FoxFarm Char Coir BioPot are available in the following package sizes:

4 inch

3 liter

8 liter

Product Highlights

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Recommendation Used

When diluting with water, prepare only the amount needed for immediate use.
This product should not be mixed with any other products, including
other pesticides, fungicides, or wetting agents.

The 4″ BioPot

Ideal size for early vegetation

3 Liter BioPot

Equivalent in size to the original Char Coir Coco Cube.

8 Liter BioPot

Contains 2 gallons of media, more than enough flower your favorite crop in

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