CenturionPro Solutions provides the worlds leading trimming machines for the medical Marijuana industry.

size and portability

The size and portability of CenturionPro’s products, along with the cost efficiency and security it provides, make it consistently the most sought-after trimmer. Each machine is manufactured with only the best quality parts from our Toro hardened steel cutting reel to guarantee speed and precision while trimming and our Quantanium coated non-stick tumblers, which work hard to preserve the quality of the finished product.

Support Our Customer

At the end of the day, we aim to support our customers with the finest machines, the most competitive pricing and the best warranty in the industry.

Save Money and Convenience

As the cannabis industry evolves producers will have to become more competitive. Lowering the overhead associated with trimming marijuana is an easy way to add profit to your pocket. The cost of a one-day rental is a fraction of what you would spend hiring a crew to trim your product.

Our Products

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