Bountea is a privately owned company that aims to provide the highest quality, most effective products and plant growing solutions.

Our Vision is to

Support a sustainable approach to gardening and agriculture that is essential for human health and the health of our planet.

Help gardeners experience the joy and satisfaction of growing beautiful and productive gardens.

Cooperate with cultivators who share a vision of healthier growing practices

Stay at the cutting edge of organic growing systems and products

Support, educate and satisfy our customers

General Gardening Use


for Plants is a great additive to planting mixes, potting soil or garden soil. Use it whenever sowing seeds, planting or transplanting.


is teeming with microbes plus volcanic minerals and essential carbon. Use it whenever you need to enrich your soil or potting soil.

Bountea Compost Tea

made with Humisoil and Bioactivator works to create a rich fertile soil ecology. Use it regularly on all garden beds, particularly before planting.

Root Web

enhances the root efficiency of most varieties of plants except the cabbage family (Brassicas). Use it at the beginning and end of each season.

Marine Mineral Magic M3

helps fast leafy growth. Use it regularly with fast growing leafy plants to maintain leaf tenderness and sweetness.

Bountea Better Bloom B3

is specifically formulated for flowering and fruiting plants. Use it when plants are just setting buds for fruiting vegetables, annuals, and many more.

Our Products

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