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Our Vision

At BioAg our goal is to work with products the way mother nature intended us to. Our products are not denatured by heat, and to the extent that is possible, we use all natural methods for processing our materials including the collection of rainwater.

Sources high in Humic & Fulvic

As an industry pioneer Dr. Faust has searched the world over for the best raw materials. The correct type is rare. Only very old fresh water sites, where ancient broad leaf tree and cycads were grown are used. Additionally, it’s important that this very old material has been protected and not cracked or weathered, so only specific areas of any formation are worthy.

Most black looking minerals are not humic acids, or humic acids of value anyway. Hundreds of organic chemicals are involved and it is far more complex than, simply fulvic or humic. There is much misinformation and confusion surrounding humic & fulvic substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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