Big Foot Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae creates healthier soil, bigger harvests and happier plants - naturally.

Why Use Mycorrhizae?

Robust Roots

Mycorrhizae works with root systems to intensify bioproductivity, improving nutrient and water absorption.

Better Growth

Plants thrive with Mycorrhizae over conventional fertilizers - bigger flowers, more fruit, and better yields.

For Everyone

Home gardeners, commercial growers, or houseplant maniacs all benefit from the natural power of Mycorrhizae!

How-to Use Mycorrhizae

Prepare the new pot

Make sure your houseplant’s new home has fresh soil that isn’t packed too tightly. Make a hole in the soil about the size of your current plant’s root structure.

Add Big Foot

Take about 1 teaspoon of Big Foot Gold and sprinkle it around the new hole, giving it that satisfying gold glow. Gently massage the root ball to allow some space between the roots.

Transplant Directly On Top

Place your plant directly on top of the Big Foot. Lightly cover your newly plant and water normally. You’re plant is getting reacquainted with fungal spores and all the naturally good stuff

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