Anden Grow-Optimized Industrial Dehumidifier, 210 Pints/Day 240v

Anden A210V1 dehumidifier are designed and built for cultivation

About Product

210 Pints Per Day. Anden A210V1 dehumidifier are designed and built for cultivation. This industrial growing room dehumidifier removes up to 210 pints of moisture per day, and circulates air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment. Setup is simple, and humidity is constantly controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests.

Why Choose This Product?


Removes up to 3 liters per kilowatt-hour, for maximum energy efficiency.


Quickest commercial dehumidifier to reach peak power for maximum moisture removal.


Most intelligent dehumidifier in its class, with on-board and remote monitoring, sensing & diagnostics.


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