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Essential oils are the main components that makes up a plant

Benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are the main components that makes up a plant. Each plants have different variations of oil that affects a person/plant in a unique way. Some of these oil have similar properties while others are completely different. Once using the gifted herbs a person can tell/feel the difference between the aroma/taste or texture that each component provides.
​Each essential oil are developed with different terpenes that helps us to distinguish one from another. Terpenes are the building blocks of each oil. A wide range of terpene profile are available in each batch of oil in its own unique way. There are no two plants that bare the same distinctiveness. Terpenes carry a wide range of odor, appearance and taste, to help the eyes/nose to tell one from the other.

Pet Care CBD

Our Pet line is formulated to protect our for legged friends, from fleas, ticks and much more; without the use of harsh chemicals. ALLPERPLUS is a CBD base non toxic product, therefore it’s not only great for repelling and controlling unwanted pest, it also helps to improve and maintain a healthy shinny coat!

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